Planning and building application information to comply with the General Information (Public Access) Act has never been easier. Council provides the community and the wider public an easy to use enquiry mechanism on development applications, construction certificates, complying developments lodged and/or determined in the current week/month or previous week/month. Combining the list of applications with visual representation on a map view enables wider access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For the more experienced user, simple or advanced searching is provided to enable enquiry on broader date ranges or restrict to particular street locality, knowing only partial information. E.g. using a property locality of “high” would return all applications related to High Street, Highway, etc. Searching with totally non case sensitive information provides higher levels of flexibility in locating the information required.

A Property Search option is also provided allowing the public to enquire on an address or land parcel. The result, displays details of the property and its conditions such as zoning, road widening etc. Any applications associated with the property are also displayed.

Statistics of applications lodged and determined by month for up to four years is automatically provided alleviating Council having to perform manual calculations and report generation.

Application Tracking Data Interchange Specification (ATDIS) provides Council with a mechanism to provide Application Tracking data to the community online. The aim of ATDIS is to give residents of NSW the ability to track the status of development applications in a consistent, timely and complete manner enabling a bird’s eye view of development applications across the State of NSW.


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