Starting from Monday 23 November 2020

The use of sprinklers are prohibited between 10am and 6pm.

Hand held Hoses are permitted for watering pot plants at all times.

Reason: All Gwydir Shire water supplies are struggling to keep up with demands and reservoirs levels are falling to a critical level where action needs to be taken. There has been no recent rainfall and high daily temperatures are drying things out very quickly. Residents need to restrict their use of water to the night time hours to ensure the most effective use of the water.

Estimated Duration of Restrictions: Until April 2021

For further information please contact Council’s Town Utilities Section on phone number (02) 67242025.

Updates will be posted on Council’s website and Facebook page.

Please note water levels are monitored on a daily basis and a higher level of restriction maybe introduced if supply levels can’t be maintained.

Yours faithfully

Max Eastcott

General Manager