Executive Managers

Max Eastcott – General Manager – Governance
Unit Programs
Senior Staff Performance, Meeting Community Expectations, Elected Members, Information, Availability, Donations, Customer Service Charter, Capex Programs, Planning and Development, Caravan Parks, Swimming Pools, Bingara Showground, Cranky Rock, Gwydir Learning Region, Social Media, The Living Classroom.

Leeah Daley – Deputy General Manager and Director, Organisation & Community Development
Unit Programs
Governance, Integrated Planning and Reporting, Aged Care, Social and Disability Services, Economic Development, Human Resources, Risk Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Tourism and Promotion Events, The Roxy Complex, Libraries, Centrelink, Purchasing and Stores, Web presence, Financial Management, Information Technology, Records, Community Fitness.

Richard Jane – Technical Services Director
Unit Programs
Aerodromes, Bridges, Footpaths, Kerb and Guttering, Sealed Rural Roads, Unsealed Rural Roads, Urban Roads, Car Parking, Traffic Facilities, Survey and Design, Quarries, Road Safety Program, Saleyards, Emergency Services, Stormwater Drainage, Geographical Information Systems, Water and Sewerage, Plant and Workshop Operations, Fleet Management, Building Services, Cemeteries, Animal Control, Noxious Weeds, Public Health, Environment, Land Use Management, Landfill Management, Domestic Waste Collection, Recycling, Commercial Waste.