Delivery-Program-2015coverDocuments Adopted 11 February 2015

In September, 2014 the NSW State Government announced guidelines with a view to strengthening communities and ensuring all NSW councils are “Fit for the Future”. (FFTF). The proposed package includes a new Local Government Act to be phased in from 2016-17 that will focus on integrated planning and reporting; a new role for the NSW Auditor-General; a review of the rating system; a review of the regulatory burden on councils; a recognition that flexible structures should be available; legislative provision for Joint Organisations; and Financial Assistance Grants distribution.

The Community Strategic Plan provides information on goals for the Community, including the organisation’s Mission and the Purpose.

  •         The Delivery Plan is a four (4) year plan outlining the strategies Council will use to achieve the goals set out in the Community Strategic Plan. The document includes information on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measurable expected outcomes.

The updated resourcing strategy documents for display include:

  • Long Term Financial Plan, projecting Council’s financial position for at least 10 years and includes improvement strategies proposed by Council to improve sustainability, including a propose Special Rate Variation.
  •        A phased Workforce Plan, outlining Council’s strategies and actions for developing and maintaining a workforce to underpin the delivery of four year objectives outlined in the Delivery Program
  •         The Statement of Revenue Policy provides information on Council’s rating structure, fees and charges, including a comparison of proposed modifications to the rate base.

We are pleased to present the Gwydir Shire Council’s updated Delivery Program for 2014-2018
Community Engagement Strategy – (pdf 1.4MB)
Community Strategic Plan 2013 – 2023 (pdf – 7.2MB)
Delivery Program 2014-2018 (pdf 3.4MB)

Resourcing Strategy Documents (comprising):
Workforce Plan (pdf 1.3MB)
Long Term Financial Plan (pdf 5.1MB)
Statement of Revenue Policy (pdf – 460KB)

TCorp Financial Assessment and Sustainability Report (pdf – 460KB)

Draft Sewerage Asset Management Plan June2017 (pdf – 2MB)
Draft Transport Asset Management Plan June2017 (pdf – 2MB)
Draft Water Asset Management Plan June 2017 (pdf – 2MB)