What is climate change adaption?

Climate change adaptation describe actions that can be taken to increase resilience to climate change and its effects.
Expectations for hotter and generally drier conditions in future, with increasing frequency and intensity of extreme climatic events, have implications for the continued delivery of local government assets and services. Gwydir Shire Council is already faced with heatwave, drought, fire and flood. These extremes place pressure on the achievement of strategic objectives, via a range of community, reputation, service delivery, financial and environmental consequences.

Gwydir Shire Council has resolved to develop a Climate Change Adaptation Plan to ensure we are ready for future climatic changes.

We need your help!
The Adaptation Planning team are well down the path of developing a plan using a risk management framework coming up with a list of actions that Council can consider.
But engaging with the community is critical to the success of these types of plans and we need your ideas on how the organisation and the community can adapt and better deal with climate change.
The planning team would like interested people to be part of a focus group to get your ideas on paper.
For more information contact Carl Tooley at ctooley@gwydir.nsw.gov.au