!!!! ALERT – CORONAVIRUS – (COVID-19) !!!!!

As you may be aware the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is now a pandemic.

There are currently no diagnosed cases of coronavirus within our Shire, however we need to be vigilant, proactive and be prepared as possible to deal with the virus and its impact on our community.

Council supports the NSW and Federal Governments’ initiative of ‘social distancing’ as it is a way to help slow the spread of the virus.  That means Council has made the hard decision to cancel upcoming community events such as the Warialda Honey Festival, The Sapphires live performances at The Roxy and Council’s upcoming Community Meetings.  Other groups and organisations are also taking such steps with the cancellation of events such as nation-wide ANZAC Day ceremonies.

Council has a Crisis Management Team who are currently implementing strategies to ensure the continued delivery of Council’s essential services and they will be providing necessary information to the community as required.

In order to ensure the safety of our staff and customers Council are implementing additional safety measures.  Where possible visitors to services will be asked to maintain the recommended 1.5-personal distance measure, and at times may be asked to wash hands or use hand sanitizer.

In future if your visit is of a non-urgent nature, or are experiencing flu like symptoms we recommend that you postpone your visit, or alternatively call the service.

We also request that cash payments be limited. We offer a number of alternative payment methods:

  • Online payments can be made using the BPAY details on your rates or water notice.
  • Bank transfer: Gwydir Shire Council BSB 082-649 Account Number 509 547 471, the reference will be your Assessment Number, Debtor no, Invoice no, Surname.
  • Phone payments are accepted over the phone with a credit/debit Visa card in both the Bingara and Warialda offices. Bingara (02) 6724 2000 Warialda (02) 6729 3000
  • Counter payments will be accepted over the counter, preferred method of payment is by Debit or Credit card to limit cash handling.

For more up-to-date information on the virus we encourage you to visit https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert or phone the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Agendas / Minutes 2020

Future 2020 Council meetings are scheduled for 23 July, 27 August and 24 September.

Committee Meetings 9 July 2020 Agenda Public Infrastructure (pdf < 1MB)   Agenda CSPL  (pdf 3MB)

Council Meeting 25 June 2020 Download Agenda   (pdf 22MB)  Minutes without attachments (pdf 2MB) Minutes with Attachments (pdf 33MB, 381 pages)
Public recording link Council Meeting 25 June 2020  https://youtu.be/I0OzL9m-M14

Council Meeting 28 May 2020 Download Minutes ( pdf 3MB)     Public recording link Council Meeting 28 May 2020  https://youtu.be/Z3y5DuEMPg8
Download Agenda – 28 May 2020 (pdf 6MB)  Download Late items – 28 May 2020  (pdf 3MB)

Committee Meetings 14 May 2020 Agenda Public Infrastructure (pdf 1MB) Download Agenda CSPL   (pdf 2MB)
Download Public Infrastructure Committee Minutes 14 May (pdf 1MB)    Download Community Services and Planning Committee  Minutes 14 May (pdf 2MB)

Council Meeting 23 April 2020 – Download Agenda   (pdf 6MB)  Download Minutes  (6MB)
Public recording link Council Meeting 23 April 2020 https://youtu.be/q567PXuRpZU

Council Meeting 26 March 2020 – Download Agenda   (pdf 2MB)  Late Item Covid-19 Response  (pdf 3MB)  Download Minutes – 26 March 2020 (pdf 5MB)
Council Meeting 27 February 2020 – Download Agenda  (pdf 2MB) Download  Minutes  (pdf 7MB)
Public Recording link to Council Meeting 27 February 2020  https://youtu.be/B-AqFzeUUIs

Minutes – Public recording link – to Committee Meetings 13 February 2020   https://youtu.be/eAHxHDYems8
Minutes – Public Infrastructure Minutes 13 Feb 2020 Download (pdf 2MB)
Minutes – Pt 1 of 2 Community Services and Planning Committee 13 Feb 2020  Download (pdf 6MB)
Minutes – Pt 2 of 2 Community Services and Planning Committee 13 Feb 2020  Download (pdf 9MB)

Agenda – Meeting of the Public Infrastructure Committee – Thursday 13 February 2020
Download Agenda: Agenda – Public Infrastructure 13 Feb 2020

Agenda – Meeting of the Community Services and Planning Committee – Thursday 13 February 2020
Download Agenda: Pt 1 of 2 CSPL Agenda 13 Feb 2020  |  Pt 2 of 2 CSPL Agenda 13 Feb 2020

EOI for the Management of the Roxy Theatre Bingara

The Roxy Theatre, situated in the main street of Bingara, is a striking building, with a history as colourful as its painted exterior.  Built in 1936 by three Greek partners from the island of Kythera in Greece, the Roxy Theatre operated as a cinema until 1958, after which it was closed and lay dormant for forty years. In May 2004, the magnificent theatre was faithfully restored to its original splendour and was re-opened to the public as a cinema, performing arts venue and multi-purpose function centre.

Gwydir Shire Council are seeking expressions of interest from interested parties for the management of this facility. Council is willing to consider a range of possible options including individuals, community group or partnership management structures. The main scope of this role includes:

  • The management of venue bookings including live performances, meetings, conferences and private functions.
  • Oversee and manage the administration and coordination of events including logistics, room set up, technical requirements and ticketing.
  • Promote the Roxyas regional centre for performing arts, and a key tourism asset for the Gwydir Shire.
  • Coordinate all aspects of building maintenance and repairs, OH&S, compliance and essential services.
  • Work with stakeholder groups to ensure the venue is used to its full potential.

The role is ideally suited to entities with previous experience in events, theatre or venue management and who are flexible, adaptable and able work with a range of stakeholders. For more information on the Roxy visit www.roxybingara.com.au or contact Georgia Standerwick on 0409 901 540. Download a copy of this EOI here Roxy Management EOI

Max Eastcott
General Manager
Gwydir Shire Council
Locked Bag 5
Bingara NSW 2404

Operational Plan 2019/20

Copies of the Draft 2019 Gwydir Shire Operational Plan can be viewed at the Warialda Council Office, Bingara Council Office and Gwydir Libraries in Bingara and Warialda.

Click here to download the Operations plan 2019/20

Agendas/Minutes 2019

Council Meeting 12 December 2019 Agenda  (pdf 9MB) Late Item Late Item  (pdf 4MB)  Minutes   (pdf 12MB)

Council Meeting 28 November 2019 Minutes Minutes  (pdf 11MB)  

There were no Committee Meetings held in November 2019

Council Meeting 24 October 2019 Download Minutes  (pdf 1MB)

Download Public Infrastructure Committee Meeting 10 October 2019  Minutes (pdf < 1MB) 
Download Community Services and Planning Committee Meeting 10 October 2019 Minutes (pdf 5MB)

Council Meeting 26 September 2019 Download  Minutes (pdf 8MB) 

Council Meeting 29 August 2019 Minutes  (pdf 2MB) 

Committee Meetings – 8 August 2019
Public Infrastructure Minutes  (pdf 1MB)  Community Services and Planning Minutes  (pdf 3MB)

Council Meeting – 25 July 2019
Download Minutes  (pdf 5MB)  

Committee Meetings 11 July 2019
Public Infrastructure  Minutes  (pdf 1MB)  Community Services and Planning Minutes  (pdf 6MB)

Council Meeting 27 June 2019
Download Minutes  (pdf 14MB)

Committee meetings 13 June 2019
Download Minutes  PI Committee (pdf 1MB)   Download Minutes CSPL Committee (pdf 6MB)

Council Meeting – Thursday 30 May 2019
Download Minutes minus attachments Minutes 30 May 2019  (pdf <1MB) Download Minutes with Attach Minutes 30 May 2019  (pdf 20MB)
Download Agenda – five documents Pt1 of 5  (pdf 1MB)  Pt2 of 5 (pdf 5MB)  Pt3 of 5  (pdf 4MB)  Pt4 of 5   (pdf 1MB)  Pt5 of 5  (pdf 5MB)

Committee Meetings – Thursday 09 May 2019
Download Minutes – Public Infrastructure  (pdf 4MB)  Comm Serv & Planning (pdf 6MB)

Council Meeting – Thursday 11 April 2019
Download Minutes   (pdf 7MB)

Council Meeting – Thursday 28 March 2019
Download Minutes 28 March 2019 (pdf 5MB) 

Committee Meetings – 14 March 2019
Download Minutes – Public Infrastructure Meeting – 14 March 2019 (pdf 2MB) Minutes – CSPL Meeting – 14 March 2019 (pdf 2MB)

Council Meeting – Thursday 28 February 2019
Download Minutes – 28 February 2019 (pdf 7MB)

Minutes Special Ordinary Meeting – Thursday 24 January 2019
Download Minutes