Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) Documents 2016/20


Gwydir Shire Council’s suite of Integrated Planning and Reporting documents have been prepared in line with the NSW Government’s framework requirements. The framework recognises that the council plans and policies should not exist in isolation and that they are in fact connected and incorporate the priorities of the community.

These priorities have been shaped by our consultation with the Gwydir Shire community resulting in four key themes:

  • A healthy and cohesive community (Social);
  • Building the business base (Economy);
  • An environmentally responsible shire (Environment); and
  • Proactive regional and local leadership (Organisation)

These themes provide the framework into which the Delivery Program priorities and Operational Plan activities have been incorporated.

Community Strategic Plan

  • The Community Strategic Plan provides information on goals for the Community, including the organisation’s Mission and the Purpose.

Delivery Plan and Operational Plan

  • The Delivery Plan is a four (4) year plan outlining the strategies Council will use to achieve the goals set out in the Community Strategic Plan. The Operational Plan is a supporting document that spells out the details of the Delivery program – the individual projects and activities that will be undertaken each year to achieve the commitments made in the Delivery program.

Resourcing Strategy

  • Long Term Financial Plan, projecting Council’s financial position for at least 10 years and includes improvement strategies proposed by Council to improve sustainability, including a propose Special Rate Variation. The Statement of Revenue Policy provides information on Council’s   rating structure, fees and charges, including a comparison of proposed modifications to the rate base.
  • A phased Workforce Plan, outlining Council’s strategies and actions for developing and maintaining a workforce to underpin the delivery of four year objectives outlined in the Delivery Program.
  • Asset Management Plans including: Transport, Water and Sewerage.

The plans can be downloaded from the links below:

Community Engagement Strategy (pdf – 1.2MB)

Community Strategic Plan (pdf 4MB)

Delivery Program 2016-2020 & Operational Plan 2016-2017 (pdf 4MB)

Donations (pdf 13KB)

Fees and Charges (443 KB)

Statement of Revenue Policy 2016-2017 (pdf 100KB)

Resourcing Strategy Documents

Workforce Plan – 2016 (pdf 1MB)

Long Term Financial Plan 2016 – 2017 (pdf 770KB)

Appendix A – Long Term Financial Plan (pdf 2.5MB)

Appendix B – Long Term Financial Plan  (pdf 1.1MB)

Appendix C – Long Term Financial Plan (pdf 2MB)

Appendix D – Long Term Financial Plan (pdf 655KB)

Transport Asset Management Plan 2015 (pdf 3.25MB)

Sewerage Asset Management Plan 2015 (pdf 4.3MB)

Water Supply Asset Management Plan 2015 (pdf 4.46MB)

Building Asset Management Plan 2015 (pdf 1.5MB)