GSC Annual Report 2016/2017

GSC-Annual-report-2016-2017-thumbWelcome to Gwydir Shire Council’s Annual Report for 2016-2017. It is important to both Council and the community that we measure and report on our progress.

The plans are all interconnected. Progress toward the Operational Plan contributes to the implementation of the Delivery Program which contributes to achieving our community’s goals and objectives as outlined in the Community Strategic Plan.

Measures are designed to inform each other and tell a story about Council’s progress towards achieving the Community Strategic Plan, both day to day and over longer periods of time.

This Annual Report has been produced for the benefit of our community and stakeholders. It is designed to keep them informed about our activities during the 2016-2017 Financial Year.

It is reporting on our performance against the Operational Plan 2015-2016 which forms part of the combined Delivery Program for 2015-2019 and Operational Plan.

This document reports on performance against the strategies to achieve our community’s long term objectives. The priorities were formed through consultation with the Gwydir Community.

Click on this link to download the full Annual Report including Financial Statements. (pdf 5.3MB)

Click here to Download the Annual Report without the Financial Statements (pdf 3.6MB)

Download Financial Statements only (pdf – 1MB)