Level 1 Water Restrictions – Bingara, Gravesend, North Star and Warialda Water Supplies

 Starting from Monday 7th January 2019

The use of sprinklers or fixed hand held hoses are prohibited between 8am and 8pm

Reason: All Gwydir Shire water supplies are struggling to keep up with demands and reservoir levels are falling to a critical level where action needs to taken. There has been no recent rainfall and high daily temperatures are drying things out very quickly. Residents need to restrict their use of water to the night time hours to ensure the most effective use of the water.

Estimated Duration of Restrictions: Until end of February 2019

For further information please contact Council’s Town Utilities Section on

(02) 6724 2025

Updates will be posted on web page and Council’s Facebook page

Please note water levels are monitored on a daily basis and a higher level of restriction maybe introduced if supply levels can’t be maintained.

Max Eastcott
General Manager

Casual Labourers

As part of the Federal Government Drought Funding, Gwydir Shire Council would like to invite those affected by the drought to apply for a number of casual labouring positions.

This is a perfect opportunity to join the Council’s diverse, multi-skilled workforce and assist with the delivery of various community works projects. As a casual labourer, you will be an energetic, motivated person who enjoys manual duties. All labouring positions involve multi-skilling and the interchange of duties when and where required.

To apply, complete the Expression of Interest Form and email it to mail@gwydir.nsw.gov.au or drop it off at the Warialda Office
(02) 6729 3000 or Bingara Office (02) 6724 2000.
Drought Funding Casual Labourer_Application Form
Labourer Ad

Bingara Library – Draft Plans

The Bingara Library relocation and redevelopment.

A project by Gwydir Shire Council in conjunction with funding support from the NSW Public Libraries Infrastructure Program and the NSW Government – Stronger Communities Program 2018

Click here to download the Concept-Designs-for-Display

Agendas / Minutes 2018

Council Meeting 20 December 2018

Council Meeting 29 November 2018
Minutes less attachments 29 November 2018   (pdf 3MB)
Part 1 of 2 Agenda – 29 November 18    (pdf 6MB)
Part 2 of 2 Agenda – 29 November 18   (pdf 4 MB)
Late Items Council Meeting 29 Nov 18  (pdf 3MB)
Additional Late Items Council Meeting 29 Nov 18   (pdf 2MB)

Council Meeting 18 October 2018
Download minutes less attachments (pdf 2MB)
Download Agenda Pt 1 of 4 (pdf 4MB)  Agenda Pt 2 of 4  (pdf 9MB)  Agenda Pt 3 of 4  (pdf 10MB)   Agenda Pt 4 of 4 (pdf 2MB)

Council Meeting 27 September 2018
Download Minutes 27 Sept 18  (pdf 2MB)

Committee Meetings – 13 September 2018
Download Minutes-Public Infrastructure-13 September 2018  (pdf 499KB)
Minutes-CSPL meeting-13 September 2018  (pdf 2MB)

Council Meeting 23 August 2018
Minutes 23 August (pdf 1MB)

Council Meeting – Special 17 August 2018

Committee Meetings 9 August 2018

Council Meeting 26 July 2018
CM_26072018_MIN_AT  (pdf 5MB)

Committee Meetings Thursday 12 July 2018
Download Minutes – Public Infrastructure    (pdf 1MB)   Download CSPL Minutes (pdf 4MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting 28 June 2018
Minutes 28 June 2018  (pdf 7MB)  

Committee Meetings Thursday 14 June 2018
Download Public Infrastructure Minutes (pdf 3MB)
Download Minutes  Pt 1 of 4 CSPL  (pdf 3MB)  Download Pt 2 of 4  (pdf 5MB)   Download Pt 3 of 4 CSPL (pdf 6MB)  Download Pt 4 of 4   (5MB)
Download Minutes – Heavy Plant Ctee Meeting (pdf 1MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting 24 May 2018
Download Part 1: Minutes-24-May-18-part1-of-2 (pdf – 6MB)
Download Part 2: Minutes-24-May-18-part2-of-2 (pdf – 8MB)

Download Minutes in full   (pdf 17MB)

Committee Meeting Wednesday 09 May 2018
Download Pt 1 of 3 Minutes 9 May 18   (pdf 11MB)  Download Pt 2 of 3 Minutes 9 May 18 (pdf 5MB) Download Pt 3 of 3 Minutes 9 May 2018  (pdf 7MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting 26 April 2018
Download Minutes    (pdf 4MB)

Meeting of the Community Services and Planning Committee 12 April 2018
Download Minutes (pdf – 4MB)
Meeting of the Public Infrastructure Committee 12 April 2018
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 Ordinary Council Meeting 22 March 2018
Minutes 22 March 2018 Download Pt1 of 2  (pdf 7MB)
Minutes 22 March 2018  Download Pt 2 of 2 (pdf 8MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting 22 February 2018
Minutes 22 February 2018 Download Pt 1 of 2  (pdf 7MB)
Minutes 22 February 2018 Download Pt 2 of 2  (pdf 7.6 MB)