Gwydir Youth Council


Gwydir Shire Council is seeking expressions of interest from young people who want to make a difference in their community. The Youth Council will meet on a monthly basis and inform decisions made by Gwydir Shire Council on their behalf.

This is your opportunity to make a difference and be involved in the change you want to see.

Youth councils are a form of youth voice engaged in community decision-making. Youth councils exist on local, state, provincial, regional, national, and international levels among governments, non-government organisations (NGO), schools, and other entities.


The benefits young people gain from participating in a youth council depend on what each member puts into the council. If young people make the most of their opportunities they will:

  • learn how to work with other young people
  • build strong and lasting friendships
  • develop greater self-esteem and self-confidence
  • develop communication skills
  • develop leadership skills
  • develop organisational skills
  • gain self-worth and inner-strength to battle negative peer pressure
  • develop winning attitudes
  • learn how to take responsibility for their actions
  • contribute to making a difference in their community


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2017-18 Donation Requests

Council is now seeking expressions of interest from any community group that wants to be considered for the allocation of any funds from the Council in the 2017/2018 budget, as a donation or financial grant towards any activity that will benefit the Shire.

Council is currently reviewing donations expenditure and advises that the total budget for donations will possibly be reduced substantially from that of previous years.

Organisations that have received an ongoing donation allocation in past years must formally apply again, and not rely on the Council’s ongoing support.

Any organisation seeking assistance must submit an application to be considered for funding.

Application forms are available from either the Warialda or Bingara Offices, or by emailing

The completed application form must be returned to either Council office prior to 4pm on Friday 28th April 2017, or posted to:

The General Manager            Locked Bag 5           BINGARA NSW 2404

Download information (pdf)

Max Eastcott, General Manager

DRAFT Gwydir River Foreshore Management Plan

Council Request for Public Comment  –  Gwydir River Foreshore Management

Gwydir Shire Council is seeking public input into a Management Plan for the area.

Copies of the draft Management Plan are available at Council’s offices or online at

Written representations in regard to the draft Management Plan must be delivered to either Council office prior to 4pm on Friday 28th April 2017, or posted to:

The General Manager            Locked Bag 5            BINGARA NSW 2404

Max Eastcott, General Manager

Download Pt1 of 3  (pdf 6MB)  Download Pt2 of 3 (pdf 4MB) Download Pt3 of 3  (pdf 4MB)

Gwydir Community Health Alliance

Gwydir Shire Council has resolved to form the Gwydir Community Health Alliance.

The membership of this Alliance will be:

  • Deputy Mayor Gwydir Shire Council (Chair);
  • A nominee of the Local State Member of Parliament;
  • Cr Galvin and Cr Young, Gwydir Shire Council’s Deputy General Manager (as Secretary) and Council’s Aged Care Manager;
  • A representative from:
  • Hunter New England Local Health District;
  • Bingara and Warialda MPS’ management and Chairs of Advisory committees;
  • Rural and Remote Medical Services (RaRMS);
  • Rural Doctors Network;
  • Naroo and Touriandi Aged Care Facilities; and;
  • Dr D Coote (representing the contracted General Practitioners)
  • Ambulance Paramedics
  • At least three (3) Community Representatives (Bingara, Warialda and rural)

The primary role of this Committee is to monitor the provision of the ongoing quality and consistency of healthcare within Gwydir Shire.

The Committee will achieve this role through reviewing the various benchmarks used in measuring the provision of health care within the Shire’s two Multipurpose Services.

The Committee will:

  • recommend to Council what support and/or assistance may be required to attract and maintain appropriately qualified General Practitioners with Visiting Medical Officer accreditation or other relevant matters pertaining to the provision of healthcare within the Shire.
  • act as an advocate group on behalf of the Gwydir Community with other levels of Government as and when required.
  • table the minutes of each Committee Meeting at the next available Council Meeting
  • meet at least quarterly or more often if required.

Community Membership

It is important that you read the information outlining the role of the Gwydir Community Health Alliance.

The group will not be a vehicle for any personal grievances or complaints. There are processes in place to deal with individual problems with any health service operating within the Shire.

Please post your application to Gwydir Shire Council Locked Bag 5 Bingara NSW 2404.

Applications close Friday 28th April 2017.

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Gwydir Community Health Alliance Application Form

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