Development Application – Shale Quarry


The following Development Applications and Supporting Documents have been submitted to Gwydir Shire Council as the consent authority for Assessment.

Development Application No: 04/2019 

Applicant: Gwydir Shire Council 

Proposal: Shale quarry on pre-existing quarry site. 

Land: Lot 2 DP 1130154, “Gunna Gumpy” 1730 Delungra Road, Myall Creek 

Submitted to Council: 31 January 2019 

The subject Development Applications and Supporting Documents are to be on display from Wednesday 6 February 2019 to Tuesday 19 February 2019 on the Gwydir Shire Council’s Website – 

Any person may lodge a written submission, during the exhibition period, to the consent authority (Gwydir Shire Council), concerning the Development Application. If the submission is by way of objection, the grounds of the objection must be specified in the submission. 

Written submissions will be received up until 4.00pm Tuesday 19 February 2019 and are to be addressed to: 

The General Manager
Gwydir Shire Council
Locked Bag 5

Any person/s who makes a submission by way of objection and is dissatisfied with the determination of the consent authority to grant development consent, may appeal to the Land and Environment Court. If a commission Inquiry is held, the Ministers determination of the application is final and not subject to appeal.

Council may publish the name, address and the submissions of the person/s or organisation/s from whom a submission is received, unless clear instruction is given other than this information is not to be published.

For further information please contact Council’s Planning Officer, Patsy Cox on 02 6724 2021.

Warialda Office 54 Hope Street, Warialda NSW 2402
Phone: 02 6729 3000 Fax: 02 6729 1400

Bingara Office 33 Maitland Street, Bingara NSW 2404
Phone: 02 6724 2000  
Fax: 02 6724 1771


Water Restriction Guidelines

As of Monday the 7th January 2019 Gwydir Shire Council activated a Level 1 Water Restriction.

The Gwydir Shire water supply is designed to be secure but there will be times under prolonged drought conditions when Gwydir Shire will be forced to restrict water usage in order to preserve the supplies to meet essential needs. The water supply scheme and drought management is driven by defined trigger points based on consumption, storage and weather factors.

When the region experiences an extended dry period and the long term outlook by the Bureau of Meteorology indicates a lower than normal prediction for good rainfall, Council has a duty to follow the Drought Management Plan which encompass these events. The Gwydir Shire is not alone with many other towns facing the same issues, in some cases neighbouring shires were forced to impose restrictions at the beginning of summer.

Understandably many residents are concerned about Council’s continued use of water outside the allocated watering times. While Council has a duty to maintain parks and gardens and shared spaces, it is working hard to reduce water consumption and ensure watering is complete in the early parts of the day. It is taking time to refine these processes but we are getting there.

Under the Drought Management Plan, Council has a system where public parks, gardens and playing fields are prioritised from 1-5, with Category 1 the highest priority, Category 5 the lowest. As restrictions are introduced the lower priority sites stop being irrigated completely.

When Level 4 water restrictions are reached irrigation stops completely on all public parks, gardens and playing fields. Level 1 water restrictions are the first step to ensure we keep our water levels as steady as possible as well as prepare us for the dry weeks ahead. If there is no substantial rainfall in the coming months, Level 2 water restrictions would be announced in the future.

A guide to water usage under the five levels of restrictions has been developed so that residents are better equipped to understand their obligations as a water user during drought conditions. For a copy of the water restriction guidelines visit the link.



 Level 1 Water Restrictions – Bingara, Gravesend, North Star and Warialda Water Supplies

 Starting from Monday 7th January 2019

The use of sprinklers or fixed hand held hoses are prohibited between 8am and 8pm

Reason: All Gwydir Shire water supplies are struggling to keep up with demands and reservoir levels are falling to a critical level where action needs to taken. There has been no recent rainfall and high daily temperatures are drying things out very quickly. Residents need to restrict their use of water to the night time hours to ensure the most effective use of the water.

Estimated Duration of Restrictions: Until end of February 2019

For further information please contact Council’s Town Utilities Section on

(02) 6724 2025

Updates will be posted on web page and Council’s Facebook page

Please note water levels are monitored on a daily basis and a higher level of restriction maybe introduced if supply levels can’t be maintained.

Max Eastcott
General Manager

Casual Labourers

As part of the Federal Government Drought Funding, Gwydir Shire Council would like to invite those affected by the drought to apply for a number of casual labouring positions.

This is a perfect opportunity to join the Council’s diverse, multi-skilled workforce and assist with the delivery of various community works projects. As a casual labourer, you will be an energetic, motivated person who enjoys manual duties. All labouring positions involve multi-skilling and the interchange of duties when and where required.

To apply, complete the Expression of Interest Form and email it to or drop it off at the Warialda Office
(02) 6729 3000 or Bingara Office (02) 6724 2000.
Drought Funding Casual Labourer_Application Form
Labourer Ad

Bingara Library – Draft Plans

The Bingara Library relocation and redevelopment.

A project by Gwydir Shire Council in conjunction with funding support from the NSW Public Libraries Infrastructure Program and the NSW Government – Stronger Communities Program 2018

Click here to download the Concept-Designs-for-Display