Agendas/Minutes 2017

Ordinary Council Meetings are normally held on the last Thursday of each month. The Community Services and Planning Committee and the Public Infrastructure Committee normally meet on the second Thursday of each month. The Agenda for each Meeting is usually available on the preceding Friday.

Ordinary Council Meeting 14 December 2017 Download P1 of 4 Minutes  (pdf 10MB) Download P 2 of 4 Minutes (pdf 12MB)

Download Pt 3 of 4 Minutes (pdf 7MB)   Download Pt 4 of 4 Minutes  (pdf 3MB)

Late Items 14 December 2017  Download Doc 1 of 3  (4MB) Download Doc 2 of 3 (19MB) Download Doc 3 of 3 (3MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting 23 November 2017 Download Minutes    (pdf 7MB)

Download Agenda (pdf 4MB)  Download Late Item (pdf 6MB) Download further Late Items   (pdf 5MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting 26 October 2017   Download Minutes   (pdf 10MB)

Public Infrastructure Committee Meeting 12 October 2017 Download Minutes  (pdf 416KB)

Community Services and Planning Committee Meeting 12 October 2017   Download Minutes   (pdf 4MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting 28 September 2017  Download Minutes (pdf 7MB)    Download Attachment Item 4  (pdf 5MB)

There were no committee meetings in September 2017

Ordinary Council Meeting 31 August 2017   Download Minutes (pdf 7MB)

Community Services and Planning Committee Meeting 09 August 2017  Download Minutes  (pdf 1MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting 27 July 2017 Download Minutes   (pdf 3MB)

Public Infrastructure Committee Meeting 13 July 2017   Download Minutes   (pdf 455KB)

Community Services and Planning Committee Meeting 13 July 2017  Download Minutes   (pdf 2MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting 29 June 2017  (There were no Committee Meetings in June)

Minutes – Ordinary Council Meeting – 29 June 2017 (pdf 5MB)  For Integrated Planning and Reporting documents

Download Pt 1 of 3 Agenda (pdf 6MB) Download Pt 2 of 3 Agenda  (pdf 5MB)

Download Pt 3 of 3 Agenda (pdf 7MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting 31 May 2017 (There were no Committee Meetings in May)

Download Minutes – Council meeting 31 May 2017 (pdf 7MB)

Download draft Community Strategic Plan 2017-2027 (pdf 1MB)   Download draft Delivery Program 2017 -18 (pdf 2MB)

Download draft Operational Plan 2017-18 (pdf 4MB)  Appendix A – draft Operational Plan Financial Summaries (77KB)

Draft Workforce Plan 2017-21 (1MB)  Draft Community Engagement Strategy 2017   Draft 2018-2027 Long Term Financial Plan  (pdf 2MB)

Download Draft Disability Inclusion Action Plan (pdf 3MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting 26 April 2017 (There were no Committee meetings in April)

Download Minutes   (pdf 6MB)

There were no Committee Meetings held in April 2017

Ordinary Council Meeting 30 March 2017

Download Minutes less attachments (pdf 2MB)        Download Attachments (pdf 6MB)

Committee Meetings 9 March 2017

Public Infrastructure  Download Minutes (pdf 2MB)  Community Services & Planning Download Minutes (pdf 2MB)

Ordinary Council Meeting 23 February 2017
Download Minutes Pt 1  (pdf 10 MB)  Download Minutes Pt 2  (pdf 10MB)

Public Infrastructure Committee Meeting 9 February 2017
Download Minutes  (pdf 2MB)

Community Services and Planning Committee Meeting 9 February 2017
Download Pt1 of 4 Minutes docs (pdf 7MB) Download Pt2 of 4 Minutes docs (pdf 5MB)
Download Pt3 of 4 Minutes docs (pdf 10MB) Download Pt4 of 4 Minutes docs (pdf 5MB)